Hello friends,

My name is Becca. I am a junior at Texas State University studying Special Education. I am a very spiritual, introverted, adventurous, sensitive and competitive person. Quite complex if I do say so myself. I love floating the river, going out dancing, writing, and spending time by myself. God and family make up the foundation that I build my life upon.

My Mission:

want to positively effect people with talents that I have kept hidden and be open with what’s in my mind and soul, both light and dark. I named my blog Bird’s Eye View because I take comfort in knowing that there is always a higher power taking care of us from above as we achieve great things and go through struggles. I hope that by being vulnerable with my weaknesses, strengths, thoughts, and fears that I can connect with you on a raw human level and maybe even offer hope and encouragement. For me, writing has always been my way of healing and appreciating all that is around me. I want to create a safe space in which both you and I can be open and real.

When/What to expect:

I post the 1st Sunday of every month. I will respond to your emails and comments as quickly as possible. I’m not an expert in what I write about, but I hope to grow in understanding alongside with you.

THANK YOU SO MUCH! I really appreciate you checking out my blog. Please read and voice your thoughts on my pieces. Subscribe by entering your email or following me on Word Press. I’m so thankful for your time and unique voices ❤

I love this Becca! I really hope to be able to obtain some of these qualities and to truly heal this new year 



Thank you for sharing such personal feelings! It is great that you are doing what your soul craves even if it takes strength and courage every time! You definitely inspire me to go after my (scary) dreams as well. Thank you for that