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It is through honest reflection and emotional out-pouring that one is able to detox their mind and create room for beauty and creativity. Check out my own thoughts and revelations.



When we step out of the comfort of our everyday lives and dare to notice how the rest of the world lives, we find out there is so much more out there than what we have built up in our minds. Check out my adventures and what they have taught me.

Thank you for visiting Bird’s Eye View. Through this creative project of mine I hope to spark a newfound sense of curiosity and creativity within your soul. From our trials, triumphs, and everything in between, we can discover bits and pieces of ourselves that weren’t acknowledged or accepted before. Take a stroll through my writing and see what personal revelations appear for you. It is through writing and travel that I have been able to explore the depths of my personality, interests, desires, weaknesses, and passions. I hope my writing can offer peace, reassurance, and practical ways to live more purposely in your own personal way.

  • Roots
    Breathe in, breathe out. It is all I can do to subdue the quivering in my hands and churning in my stomach. I don’t know where to rest my gaze so my eyes dart from person to person, down at my lap, and at the layers of decor hung up on the walls as if […]
  • Kenya
    For the first time, the silence says it all. I see life in its original form. I try to utter a word, anything to encapsulate how alive this moment is, but it is not necessary. This moment existed before words. These creatures were here before and will be around long after. I feel as though […]
  • Top Montreal Experiences
    Each person has a string dangling from their heart, waiting to be tugged and tied to those of others. It is funny how life pulls our strings, knocking us off balance, out of our routine, and ties us up to those we love most in a messy bow in a place and time we didn’t […]

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