4 Self-Care Tips to Follow While Traveling

If you are anything like me, you have some contradicting characteristics to your personality that can be intriguing and frustrating at the same time. I would consider myself an ambivert: a complicated mix between an introvert and extrovert.

Isla Mujeres

While I love both social interaction and adventure, I absolutely need sufficient rest, alone time, and intentional recharging for both my mind and body to function.

In my recent trip to Mexico, I did not do a great job of balancing out action time and chill time and I most definitely paid for it. If you are someone who can go, go, go all day and party all night for a week straight, then 1) I am jealous of you and 2) this post may not be relevant seeming as how you have super human abilities. But if you have introverted tendencies like me and possess a need for adventure as well as downtime to replenish your energy and mood, you are in the perfect place!

Isla Mujeres

 I created a list of tips and tricks to practice self-care while traveling that I wish I would have followed, and will certainly utilize in the future, to make sure I can fully engage in all of the excitement a trip has to offer without letting my gas tank run on empty, making me rundown, grumpy, and anxious.

I still had an amazing week exploring Cancun, Isla Mujeres, and Tulum, but next time I will definitely be following these tips to avoid the fatigue, grouchiness, and anxiety I experienced at certain points during the vacation:

  • Space out your Going-Out nights

Whether you’re a college student needing to destress after a long semester or a mom enjoying a couple drinks at the hotel bar, be sure to give yourself a little buffer room between your fun late-night adventures. My friends and I hit the clubs in downtown Cancun the first couple nights of our trip and even though it was super fun, I was wiped out for several days after. I don’t know about you, but the comfy hotel beds might be at the top of my list when it comes to favorite things about going on vacation, so when I am deprived of that luxury, I turn grumpy, irritable, and standoffish. Live it up and let loose, but don’t do it in a way that’s gonna take away from the other noteworthy experiences waiting for you on your trip.

  • Drink lots of water

No matter where you jet off too, I’m willing to bet you are going to be exerting a lot of energy navigating your new environment and taking in everything it has to offer. You can still enjoy your Pina Colada along the beach, in fact you should treat yourself to multiple (I sure did), but make it a point to chug some water in the morning or before bed so you don’t feel the annoying symptoms of dehydration throughout the day.

  • Set aside some alone time for yourself

Whether it’s a little chunk of time each day, or a single full day, alone time is something really important to nourishing the introvert inside of all of us. Sometimes this can be taken wrong, because it can come off as standoffish or like something is wrong, but I’m still trying to find the most effective way to communicate one of my most important truths: If I have some time to recharge, regroup, and collect my thoughts, then I am 10x more engaged and fun when I return to the group.

  • Leave pleasing others at the bottom of your priority list

I feel like such a hypocrite writing this because this is one of my biggest weaknesses, but this post is as much of a self-improvement tool for me as it is for you, so I have to include it as a reminder for myself. It is okay to say no, it is okay to offer up another option, and it is okay to not be super ultra-pleasant every waking second of the trip. We are human, and when a group of humans come together they naturally will butt heads. Speak up if there is something you’d really love to do or if you want to stay back on something. It’s ironic… but the more you you care about making everyone else happy, the less you will succeed at that, and not to mention run yourself into the ground. If your friends are anything like mine, they will be the happiest when you yourself feel good with yourself.

This information seems so simple, but it really takes focus and dedication to put it into practice in the midst of an exhilarating and bustling trip.

I know missing out on something sounds lame, but trust me when I say that making one small decision to take care of yourself will pay off tremendously during the remaining of your vacation.

Making a little effort to keep yourself in your best possible shape throughout a period of new experiences, late nights, and exploration will help you to get the most out of your trip!

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One response to “4 Self-Care Tips to Follow While Traveling”

  1. Great tips! I, too, can be something of an “ambivert”. I love traveling, but I also love going off by myself occasionally to get some much needed “alone” time. Too many people can overwhelm me and make me a little anxious and aloof, and yet I love watching everyone have a great time. I definitely prefer entertaining at home best. Thanks for sharing your heart. ❤


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