Favorite Coffee Shops in San Marcos

Nothing calms me more than sitting at a spacious table with work sprawled out (either school related or just creative), taking in the warm scent of coffee and pastries, soaking in the unique aesthetic, and humming along to chill songs in a coffee shop.

Photo by Mew wy. on Pexels.com

For someone who doesn’t drink coffee, I sure do love me some coffee shops. San Marcos, Texas is a coffee shop hot spot and this is one of the many reasons I am so grateful to live here. I have been to quite a few in my four years living here, but I have narrowed down my top three favorites.

Summer Moon

Summer Moon has to be one of my all time favorite coffee shops EVER. The ambiance is a nice balance between open windows/natural lighting and the coziness/warmth of being in your home. They make their coffee with a special kind of milk called Moon Milk. It’s delicious. Like I am debating about just ordering a cup of that and calling it a day. Since I don’t really like the strong taste of coffee, I usually order a One Quarter Moon, which is 3/4 Moon Milk and 1/4 espresso. Have no fear coffee addicts, you can alter the ratio of Moon Milk to espresso however you like. I recently discovered the Moon Glacier and it has changed my life! I’m not even being dramatic. It is basically the equivalent to a chocolate chip frapp at Starbucks but so much better!

Summer Moon has locations all over Central Texas including Austin, Buda, Kyle, and San Antonio. Please please check this place out if you’re looking for an insta worthy hang out spot to be productive and chill!

(Picture from keepitinkeller.com)

The Coffee Bar

The Coffee Bar, formally called Rootcellar Cafe, has been my go-to coffee shop since I was a Freshman at Texas State. It is a five minute walk from campus and is the cutest little place I ever did see. The wooden floors, rustic white tables, fresh plants, and dim, warm lighting makes this place so comfy and soothing. They always play old fashioned french music which I do not understand, but quite enjoy. I always get a hot chocolate in a big mug topped with whipped cream. This place has massive windows overlooking the Square and is in the perfect spot to watch the sunset at the end of the day. If you are looking for a cute, cheap, and convenient place to study, the Coffee Bar is your place.

Stellar Coffee

Stellar Coffee has really grown on me throughout the years. They recently relocated right across the street from their original spot and I am in love with their new space. The inside is so spacious and it is just a five minute walk from campus. The style is very sleek and minimalist, which really appeals to me. They always have Netflix projected on a wall. When I walked in and they were playing New Girl they had my heart right then and there. I love their motto; Be a Good Human. Their blueberry crumble muffin is delicious. I recently discovered the most heavenly drink I have ever tasted from there: iced strawberry lemonade. It’s the perfect balance between sweet and tart and is almost too pretty to drink. Almost. Come give Stellar a visit if you are in the mood for a little Netflix and sophistication.

Thanks for reading and I hope you get a chance to check out these lovely places!

4 responses to “Favorite Coffee Shops in San Marcos”

  1. What??? No love for Jo’s Cafe? Thanks for your post. I’ll have to check out Stellar; don’t think I’ve been there before. -a


    1. Jo’s is a close runner up! Yes you have to check out Stellar, I think you’d really like it!


  2. Love this post!! I haven’t been to The Coffee Bar yet, thanks for the recommendation 🙂

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    1. Thanks Julia 🙂 it’s sooo cute let me know what you think of it when you go!

      Liked by 1 person

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