The Eternal City

Here I am, a whole month past my dream trip to The Eternal City.

View of Rome from Zack’s seminary

My past Christmas vacation to Rome proved to be more than just a nice get away, it was a pilgrimage that impacted the way I view my religion and how I fit into such a large community that can seem over my head at times.

The Vatican City is the heart of Catholicism. Thousands of years worth of history emanate from the walls of the Saint Peter’s Basilica and meaning behind every little detail of the architecture, traditions, and practices of Catholicism are never in short supply. Although I have been Catholic all my life, in the presence of the extravagance of this religion on full display, I couldn’t help but feel like I was a bystander observing from the sidelines rather than a member of the faith. I felt intimidated and almost inadequate for not knowing more foundational knowledge about the rich culture I grew up in.

Saint Peter’s Basilica

My cousin Zack, who has been attending seminary school in the Vatican City for the past 5 years, helped to ease some of my shame and guided me to seeing the inclusiveness, warmth, and mercifulness of my Higher Power who I call God. Here are 2 quintessential findings that resonated with my spirit most.

1.There are things that are much bigger than us that we will never be able to fully comprehend and that is okay.

As I was strolling the cobbled streets of Rome, gazing at the breathtaking basilicas, ancient ruins, and impressive political and economic buildings, I realized just how overwhelmed I was becoming by trying to understand every bit of history and meaning that walked these streets before me. Nothing is black and white and even the most knowledgeable historians do not know the inner workings of every being who contributed to this rich culture and history of Rome. I realized all I can do is be present, and allow all that I do not know amaze me rather than overwhelm me. I am a tiny particle in this intricate design of people and time. That feels liberating.

2.Asking God what He wants for me fills me with an indescribable peace

As I strolled the breath taking Saint Mary Major Basilica, I noticed many wooded confession boxes (i’m sure there’s a proper name that sounds much better than box) with priests waiting inside them. I figured if there is any “best” time to do confession, it would be in one of the Papal Basilicas in Rome. Even though I was nervous, I walked up to the calm priest and released some things that were weighing on my chest.

The priest’s response to my shaky confessions took me by surprise. He told me to “Ask God what he wants for you.” So simple, yet something I never did before then. In a way maybe I assumed I wasn’t allowed to know, so I never bothered to ask… thus always feeling enveloped in a blanket of anxiety becasue the future appeared pitch black. I tried asking this question for the remainder of the trip, and I was met with a multitude of different sensations. At first, I felt sick to my stomach. Absolutley engulfed in fear and dread as I awaited His answer to my queston. What if His plans were different then mine? What if my world as I have built it starts crumbling down now that I am allowing God to share his hopes and dreams for me?

After a couple of days of fear, my dread started to turn to a peaceful sense of freedom. I felt lighter in a way knowing that if I allow God to tell me what He wants for me, I will have a clear path to follow. One that will ensure me lasting peace, no matter the trials I face on the way. I supposed the main feeling I experienced was security. I didn’t feel as much pressure on my shoulders to “get things right” with my life. I realized that I can trust God enough to pursue His ideas for me, I mean who am I to question that?

I would say that would be my biggest takeaway from this family trip to Rome. I learned a lot of behind the scenes information about the inner workings of the church, its history, and its people. The richness of its existence is one too deep to fully comprehend, and that is what makes it a priceless place to visit.

Until next time,


6 responses to “The Eternal City”

  1. Beautiful reflection, Becca. It was a blessing to be able to experience the Eternal City with you. You are profound, genuine and awesome beyond your years!

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    1. Thank you Zack, that means a lot ❤️


  2. My heart exalts in joy to learn how you have come to open your life to be lead by God as the architect to your future and not rest it on yourself alone. When I first learned of your struggle with anxiety this was what came to my mind but at the time I had no idea how to begin to explain how to give control of your life to God could and would decrease your anxiety and burden to have everything be figured out and right all on your own. How to explain listening and looking to God in everything you do… would solve everything that I heard your heart telling me you were struggling with in so many ways. Now I know you already knew God and loved him but there is that truth you wrote that was so perfect about the FEAR a person gets before they surrender completely to Christ to have his way in you and your life knowing well that it might not be what you want, and then that peace God gives you to melt that fear away when you trust that he knows even better than us. I’m soooo overjoyed to hear your heart poured out like this after visiting Rome. I’ve never been prouder or more in awe of the beautiful person you are Becca. Ps I feel you 100% as well on your number 1. My little soul sister keep blazing your trail, miss you. Inches and this just helps me to realize we really need a girls date to catch up. All my love

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    1. This made me cry Nessy, thank you💗 love you very much and would love a girl date soon


  3. Dearest Becca, I know how you feel when you say you were overwhelmed. My eighteen days of traveling through Germany, Holland, and Austria really grabbed my attention … but it was Italy (Florence, Assisi, Venice, and Rome) that truly overwhelmed my senses and shifted my brain into overdrive. And, like you, I found myself asking some pretty important questions while trying to take everything in all at once. Thank you for allowing us a tiny glimpse into your heart. Because you are asking all the right questions, God is going to provide all the right answers. When I find that I am feeling a little anxious or nervous about anything, I imagine myself curled up in Jesus’ arms like a little child … and I try to join my heart to His. I love you so much … and I am so thankful to be a part of your life journey. You are going to do amazing things for the Lord. Actually, you already are. Alleluia!

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    1. Thank you so much Aunt Doris, love you very much ❤️


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