Sweet Girl pt. 2

You lay awake in bed, stricken with the suffocating sense that you need to be doing more, executing more ideas, achieving greater things. An endless pressure lingers above your head, a ticking clock continuously reminding you that you don’t have all day.

Rest, sweet girl. Place your heavy burdens at the feet of someone, something much greater. The body isn’t meant to withstand that type of strain; it is meant to receive guidance and create meaningful work that is sourced from abundance, not lack.

Deadlines, cutthroat competition, and once in a lifetime shots drain the overflowing fountain that is your creativity and capability.

Trust that you will do the life-giving work that heals others just as much as it heals yourself, in your own time and own way. Look away from the endless stream of successes with your comparing eyes, and choose to believe that all the desirable things things you see is reflecting back what is being cultivated within yourself.

Your kindness, determination, empathy, resourcefulness, persistence, and creativity is a batch of ingredients that are slowly but surely cooking up something that this world has never seen but will benefit from in ways much greater than you will ever be able to fully understand. Trust that the magnitude of your pure intentions is enough to attract the soul-fulfilling work you long for.

2 responses to “Sweet Girl pt. 2”

  1. I start each morning with a card drawn from a box on my desk and this morning’s card said: “The sun shines brighter and the flowers smell better just because I thought of you.” And guess what I had just finished reading? Yep, your beautiful post. Rest in the Lord, sweet Rebecca, and let Him hold you close to His Most Sacred Heart. Let His love for you fill you with peace, calm, and serenity. One thing at a time … one minute at a time … one day at a time. The sun is shining brighter because of YOU! My flowers are smelling sweeter because of YOU! My world is more beautiful because of YOU! And my day just got better because of YOU!

    “Thou hast made us for Thyself, O Lord, and our heart is restless until it finds its rest in thee.” – Augustine of Hippo, Confessions

    Prayer: Lord, You have made us for Yourself. Help us rest in You alone as we journey through this hectic and busy world with all its pressing engagements and demands. Help me not worry or be anxious about what is going to happen next … because You are the only one who truly knows the future. Worry is useless! It saps my strength and energy, and detracts from all You want to show me this day. Open my eyes and my heart to Your beauty and Your gentle peace. Amen.

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    1. This made my day Aunt Doris! Thank you💗 love you very much!


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