Happy Mother’s Day

Dear Momma,

Who knew it was possible for someone to be so kind, selfless, supportive, and generous.

I do not think my words can do justice to illustrating the true depth of your love because honestly I can’t fully comprehend it myself. It’s just too massive and seems to possess infinite dimensions. Maybe these little observations of you will offer a tiny glance into the incredible mother and person you are.

  • You always lay a comfy blanket on anyone who sits on our couch because you want us to feel warm and welcome.
  • You surprise me with home made ice cream sundaes just because.
  • You drop everything and drive up to San Marcos when I need you with me.
  • You try to offer me anything and everything of yours (shirts, speaker, gift cards) if I show the slightest interest in them because you are just so generous.
  • You never tire of letting me cry and vent, and you don’t ever question my shifting moods or indecisiveness.
  • You created HALO, a club that gives boys and girls of Latino heritage a place to feel safe and proud of themselves.
  • You do ANYTHING you can to help someone in need.

This is probably 1/1000th of all the things you do that sets you apart from the rest in my eyes, but as I think of more I can update this post until I reach 100, 1000, maybe even 10,000 of your quirky and loving habits to this list.

I’m not too sure how I scored a mom like you.. and often times I feel guilty because I can’t give you as much as you have given me. I will still try though, even though you have made that a tough challenge with all the selfless Iove you’ve poured into Jack and I the past 22 years.

Just know you’re loved so deeply and my life and this world is so much better with you in it.

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