To put it in another way, pain is God’s megaphone to rouse a deaf world. Why must it be pain? Why can’t he rouse us more gently, with violins or laughter? Because the dream from which we must be wakened, is the dream that is all well.

William Nicholson

You have been killed, harassed, and cheated for the color of your skin, for the roots of your descent, and for the core of your being. What one so committed to destructive ignorance refuses to see is the light in your smile, the soul in your eyes, and the depth of your mind. How absurd it is that you are subjected to lifelong suffering so that another can live in convenience. Oh how difficult it to dehumanize you when the warmth of your flesh can be felt and the beating of your heart can be heard. A heart that beats for those you love, dreams you long for, and peace you crave. Lift your gaze and look into the eyes of those who oppress you. Let them sit in the discomfort of what they have done, or have failed to stop. It goes against human nature to remain callused after realizing the depth of pain inflicted on a fellow human being. One of their own. Whether we look like each other or not, we are all one collective breath. If one of us stops breathing, we all stop breathing.

Its time for you to receive better in this one life you are given. Walk the streets for justice, hold up signs for peace, and let your voice be heard for respect. Nothing is too much if it means you are not robbed of the basic respect and love you deserve. The chaos will increase and the screams will amplify so that your children do not grow up with a target on their back. You are given this one lifetime. It is already a tragedy that so many black people have lived and died in a society that disregards their dignity and strips away their prosperity, but maybe if the anger and pain you feel is channeled into creation of the new, not all will be lost. If pain is what is necessary to pave a way for your life to be valued, so be it. May this society awaken.

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