Let me take a minute…

I would like to take a minute to acknowledge what a Rock Star I am.

I don’t usually brag about myself, but I realized something recently that I definitely think is worth sharing; my mental health and personal relationship with myself has improved SO MUCH in the past 2 years. To some people, getting promoted or receiving an award is what they consider an achievement, but for me and my own personal journey, this is a grand triumph worthy of celebration.

It’s funny how this aha moment emerged from circumstances that seem to prove the opposite. I was beginning to doubt myself in these recent months and all the progress I have made because big life transitions and the pandemic have really shaken me to my core. They are forcing me to face age old challenges within myself that have risen to the surface. This is what is happening to each and everyone of us in some form I believe. Traces of the old anxiety attacks and self destructive thoughts have snuck back up and have caused me to question my growth… but today as I read an old post of mine, Break the Cycle, from two years ago, I realized that I have come SO FAR since that time of my life. My eyes filled with tears as I read the experiences of my younger self. I’ve worked hard ever since then to heal my mind and live a healthier lifestyle. Now, just several years later, I am seeing the fruits of that labor.

I have found ease because my mind is healthy. I let God handle my troubles now and try to trust His guidance. I challenge my negative thoughts and change them to positive ones that make me feel good. Iv’e made sustainable changes to my daily habits that have made every day life more enjoyable. I love myself so much more now. I talk to myself so kindly and care gently for my wounds if an stray wave of destructive anxiety swings through… which is way less often. I realize how strong and capable I am. Like I said, I am a Rock Star.

My mind is overall a positive and nurturing place. THIS IS AWESOME NEWS EVERYBODY! It has been hard work, but it has been worth it.

It makes me so proud to say that I can enjoy my days and be present with those I love way more because I am constantly keeping my thoughts in check and making sure I am showing myself love in all types of ways; meditation, positive affirmations, yoga, exercise, dancing, quality time with good people, and journaling. All of these techniques keep my mind filled with light.

Sometimes I slip back into the darkness, but I can get up and find my way back to the light so much easier now. This is something I could not say 2 years ago, so it fills me with pride that I have reached this place. A really great friend of mine told me this analogy a couple days ago when I had slid down to a low place and it filled me with peace and hope; “pretend you’re coloring a picture. You start from the the bottom and work your way up, but sometimes you have to go back down to fill in spots you missed. This doesn’t take away from all that you already colored, that all still counts. It’s okay to need to go back down to work on parts of yourself that still need attention. It doesn’t take away from all of your progress.”

Every one of us are in the process of growth, and I have found that if you put time and energy into your own well being and health, life becomes joyful. Meaningful. Fun. Silly. Worth it. Even when we feel like we are right back in the same old spot we have been trying to get out of, it is important to realize that all of the progress we have made is still something to be celebrated and we should be patient with the parts of ourselves that still need work.

What I want you to take from this post is CELEBRATE YOURSELF! Your progress, your strength, your growth! Because it’s there, all you have to do is look.

One response to “Let me take a minute…”

  1. Gloria Rodriguez Avatar
    Gloria Rodriguez

    Great post Becca.. Excited for your future.. Love you, Aunt Glo


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