For the first time, the silence says it all. I see life in its original form. I try to utter a word, anything to encapsulate how alive this moment is, but it is not necessary. This moment existed before words. These creatures were here before and will be around long after. I feel as though I can float away. I am not needed here. They thrive on their own, and somehow that soothes my worries. I feel lucky to tiptoe in their kingdom. I have traveled back in time, maybe not even in time, just to the root of it all. Where life and death uphold the circle of our world.

I am on track, in line, in tune, connected, whatever you want to call it. When I see the trees and the way that they sway I remember my breath and how I am alive even after I die. My breath flows at the rate that the elephants walk. They walk slowly. We come from the same moment. Everything else can fall away and I can be left, breathing with the elephants.

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