Favorite Coffee Shops in San Marcos

Nothing calms me more than sitting at a spacious table with work sprawled out (either school related or just creative), taking in the warm scent of coffee and pastries, soaking in the unique aesthetic, and humming along to chill songs in a coffee shop. For someone who doesn’t drink coffee, I sure do love meContinue reading “Favorite Coffee Shops in San Marcos”

Dominican Republic: 3 Truths

A month in the Dominican Republic opened my eyes to the fact that there is no differentiation between the wealthy and the needy, the satisfied and the unsatisfied, and the capable and incapable. Every single one of us are a mix of everything in one way or another. In the four weeks I was gone,Continue reading “Dominican Republic: 3 Truths”

4 Self-Care Tips to Follow While Traveling

If you are anything like me, you have some contradicting characteristics to your personality that can be intriguing and frustrating at the same time. I would consider myself an ambivert: a complicated mix between an introvert and extrovert. While I love both social interaction and adventure, I absolutely need sufficient rest, alone time, and intentionalContinue reading “4 Self-Care Tips to Follow While Traveling”

New Orleans: City of Charm

This past March I had the privilege of visiting the charming city of New Orleans for the second time. The first time I visited, I simply thought NOLA = drunken nights on Bourbon Street, swamp tours in the alligator infested waters, and all the Cajun food you can eat. Now let me just say NOLAContinue reading “New Orleans: City of Charm”

Rebellious Sense of Peace

When the phrase “rebellious sense of peace” first popped in my head, I was sitting on my bathroom floor, tears streaming down my face, scared out of my mind. You know those moments when you allow your mind to stray too far and you start to notice the countless unknowns floating around in the universe,Continue reading “Rebellious Sense of Peace”

It’s Time to Recognize Your Inherent Worthiness

I have an amazing friend named Taylor Horsfall. She is the girl who makes everybody she comes across feel valuable and important. Her down to earth and humble demeanor makes it hard to guess that she is actually an elite volleyball player killing it on her full ride at a Division 1 University. She isContinue reading “It’s Time to Recognize Your Inherent Worthiness”